Saturday, September 30, 2006

a bird in the hand

It is through your hand

that a heart I seek


Someone is not anyone
but a person with a need

to be loved as anyone

Who wants to be someone

captured as freedom from John Williams guitar

I capture these words for you
to entertain your heart

As the notes from a guitar
do gently touch the ear

To rest unseen upon the soul
with such unknown meaning

Now it is their dancing eloquence
that has spoken softly within

for simplicity`s sake


All that I am

Is all that I do

In love nothing else

E. E. E.


E l e c t s

E n t e r t a i n m e n t

to exist

We are but an amused generation

Hardly able to think for ourselve when

Our addiction is the need for entertainment

like gold

You have a majesty

As vital as gold

for you francoise

It is for you
that I always have an offering
of words to say
I miss you
in all the ways that I have
to think

Friday, September 29, 2006

an invested security of love

A child is the interest

On an investmentment made

Through the testimony of love

unity is spirit

I offer you everything

For I want nothing

But all of you

all or nothing

All I shall want is

All I will take is

All of you

smoking as an entertainment

Smoking is an entertainment

In that it pacifies frustration

To suffocate all - realization

it is

It is through words that things remain
It is in a relationship that there is
It is with a friendship that there is
It is by grace that freedom is for

But it is for love that there is

the impossible as the possible

You are the Impossible Dream

that I could and would climb

every mountain to have

Thursday, September 28, 2006

wasted words

Tasting pleasure spontaneously

Words become the herald of time wasted

As with a dancer the action speaks loudest

Mystery in the Suspense

a relationship is chemistry like concrete




Wednesday, September 27, 2006

inspiration satisfies

If I could touch you
Your heart I would send flowers

For you offer inspiration
Which satisfies a soul`s longing

the freelance poet

It is the freelance work of the poet
that you render subservient to desire
Of manhood there would be no bravery
demanded by the world if it were not for
You who give an Orchestra notes to play
and a dancer steps to take with care

I am no more than you want me to be
for while you are as an inspiration
I am only the pen that relates to you
a hopelessness in today`s existence

fascination that invites

You have that fascination which invites
a poet to exercise his words

You wear a desire the artist seeks for
to arrest with paint on canvas

While the musician walks with you all day
in a dream is the movement of sound

As a dancer now steals the playwright`s work
for his actions speak louder than words

spiritual evidence

Superstition is another spiritual symptom of

an innate human need for a leadership


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

let the moon explain

As to define a perfect work
marble shines

Through the light upon your face
the moon explains

How the spirit of beauty is
always with us

your inspiration

You have that which is almost untouchable
A quality that is barely defined by any human

But is for the Artist a relish to enjoy by Creating
What is to satisfy the demands of a perfect work

the need of discipline

The human mind requires a leader

to purpose an efficiency with unity

too much is needless

As a created being
man does naturally subscribe
to a leadership as the prerequisite

of an efficient order to eliminate
the needlessness of wast

an initial of healthy living

Breathing gives you something

very original to do


There was given to me a suggestion that I write lines for folk
If I were given a photo and a little data about the subject then
a start could be made gently with no demanding expectations
I am a little slow with pc technology so I would appreciate help
but it is just an idea now awaiting any applause to continue or
stillness say no more

Monday, September 25, 2006

by grace

Inspiration is as a Prophetic Word

Both are for a moment the gift of Grace

it is common sense

Logic employs Reason to be

Reason enjoys Logic to be

as a child too

As a child I live

to be touched

and to touch

You softly .... are

as candle light

in a darkened room

the humble of heart

Humility is through Grace

Able to receive more of Life

Because it is not governed

By the Self within

le petit oiseaux

My little french bird

If I could get close to you
For one moment then you would
Come and feed from my hand

Sunday, September 24, 2006

the light to understand

There is no Light

Without Love

To Understand

on the sand

I wrote for you a poem
on the sand

But the tide came in
to steal it

a thought to kindle

You are a person
who brings the unsearchable
riches to the heart

It is your lips
that I would kiss to place a thought
and kindle a desire within


The fruit of your inspiration
is Ripe

For me to pick and present
with Taste

this is me

As naked without any confidence to hide behind

I stand with an unashamed modesty

For you to see

life is not a conscription

Life is not living in subservience
to a system through striving

Life has the peace to exist only
in the freedom of Loving

But Loving has no Reality without
the readiness to offer a self sacrifice

Saturday, September 23, 2006

I own my thought

I am ................. as

I dream ........... now

I wish ............. then

I want because

I miss touching

words used

If I could have only the words
to touch your heart

Then I would use them carefully
to please your head

Now I can gain your attention and
say what I want to say

even as sand

As your feet that have run so carelessly
with freedom along the beach

To bruise the sand where it is restored by
the waves kissing the shoreline

It is even as the sand between your toes
that now I would like to be


Is Boredom the spiritual symptom

Of an inability to think for one`s self

the innocence I seek

As a child

With a child

Like a child

breaking bread

I would love to eat

The bread you make

the Untouchable Reality

Above all else

He is beyond all
tangible perception

As God

a slap on the face

Reality does so often

Slap your cheek

With the best results

a shadow of truth




Friday, September 22, 2006

words used

If I could have only the words
to touch your heart

Then I would use them carefully
to please your head

Now I gain your attention and
say what I want to say

Monday, September 18, 2006

please come here

I want you
As a woman
In all ways
As a friend

Does that say
I need you
As you are
For a wife

Saturday, September 16, 2006



You wear a softness about your eyes

this does draw the tears that are not

Really mine to own

Friday, September 15, 2006

words as rain

If I had words to master sophistication
there would be no challenge in writing

But it is that uncertain fascination collected
from your image that draws my inspiration

To gather as moisture in the cloud is to become rain
words fall as a light shower upon your screen

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


For a mutual connection
I want to hold your hand

it is not good for man to be alone

I am Real about Living
with a Life of Love to Share

And for the sake of Wholeness
I need someone to Hold my style

For the "Solo-trip" does not satisfy
a need within For you my heart longs

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

our secret

And all the fairies in the wood

Could not sit still

When I told them about you

civilization serves it`s own leadership

Civilization serves a final conspiracy
As to secure the comfort of a few

moral decay

As the Civilization establishes a Democracy

The Morality that once held now Dissolves

a cultural habit

A Culture does impose a doctrine

to annul the freedom to think

freedom that weeps for joy

I cry but for the freedom

I have to hear your voice

Again . . . . Now

I sit listenig to my heart

say to my head

Ask Kate to marry you

wholeness = spiritual health

LINEAR LINES - by Simon Auchterlonie

For your own spiritual health
breathe the experience in

And to share your own response
let the words within come out


Monday, September 11, 2006

you & me

I want to be close to you
and feel your tears
as they are caught
by my shirt

I am nervous to hold you
because I want you
so much now to be
as a woman

eccentric mystery

You again define the eccentric
Passion I have

Now it is through the eye that
You please me

Gracefully the desire I have is
Worn by you

But clever is lust`s efficiency
To destroy love`s mystery

Title: Woman
Artist: Michelangelo Buonarroti


What an oustanding loveliness there is
which you bring with you

and this is to provide such tangible evidence
that I am alive

the ideal of the idle is greed

Greed is idolizing my desire

Sunday, September 10, 2006


As I reach out to take
you by your hand

The realization of joy secures
a new foundation within

a million miles away

Now my tears they fall as rain
that slides down the glass

Oh! how they would love to be
collected by your tee shirt

Just to be close to your heart
while you live in your secret

mine to own

It is the fascination that you are

Which I own

light falling on you

isolated by me

You have become isolated
by your own fragrant beauty

A poetic freedom that is held
in a way that no other can equal

For my gaze you own all
that is throughout the present tense

Title: Man
Artist: Michelangelo Buonarroti

Saturday, September 09, 2006

can I collect you from the air

You have that for which the artist
You own those eyes that hold everyone

your subject
So gently you wear that particular care
within as a person
Your mien the composer carries around

with him all day

Waiting to arrest on paper the perfect work

for the orchestra to play

freedom as a gift we are given to choose

God is Now
Offering to us the freedom of His security
and a wholeness through His Word

God is Not
Choosing is by me uncertainty without hope
and nothing to hold for the future


Efficiency is
Characterless in
Monpolization too

To complement the style of humanity
to become the

Impatience of
Laze in
Insularism too

the freedom to practise choice is by living

GOD IS there

It is for you to choose

When you need Him

a gift

You are there for the eye

to hold as an offering

for the heart to own


If I could wish

Then I would dream

You are there

just as I am

To the eye that sees
you bring for the heart
Poetic justification for
the sweetness of this moment

Friday, September 08, 2006

too much to

Too much Reading escapes from Living
Too much Eating often seeks for Comfort
Too much Drinking avoids the Truth

To Wear too much Bodily Adornment symbolizes a spiritual insecurity
To Smoke explains a Social Inadequacy within
To Exceed any Need is at the root of Waste

Monday, September 04, 2006

"say it with words"

Now I am merely as a hand
that holds the pen to write

For you the words
to own as flowers

Feelings that will clothe you
and your heart

passing moment

Oh! please do not let it slip

Fleetingly away like the time

something special

I have something so very special for you
to hear

Your inner heart yes the real you will know when
to come and listen

So don`t feel threatened

Sunday, September 03, 2006

fashioned from stone

fluid inhibition

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