Thursday, June 29, 2006

... Humility... a love garment....

Pencil/charcoal sketch, by Michael, New York:

Humility knows of more love
because it does not know itself (i don`t know if i included that earlier

Humility is the binding that holds a Realization Together
Realization flows with love when humility is worn
quite naturally as a garment

There is no justification in
taking more than you need

do possessions
highlight spiritual insecurities

I have the freedom to dream
the impossible dream

You have the freedom
to realize it
there are more but blessing be yours to bless others ....

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Time as tears....

Pencil portrait of Henry Rollins
by Artist, Antonio Guzzo, Canada.

I am but as a wine offering poured out to bless
Your heart is all I seek with the joy to cheer
But as a wine to the floor does flow
Time as tears. Rolls by within.
I wonder how much you wanted
To taste so freely
It is a need of your desire
That I long to meet

I was once born to pursue
Wealth and amusement.
Time as tears. Rolls by within.
But experience has illustrated
This to be, no more than
“a Glorified heathen pursuit”
Time as tears. Rolls by within.
Silence may prosecute
But it can not threaten
Time as tears. Rolls by within.

It is for the Unexpected
I came adventure to have....
Time as tears. Rolls by within.
Life is what you make of your need when
Time as tears. Rolls by within.
You allow another to save you from greed

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Impossible Dream

So many worlds
each one holding
an impossible dream
And all I can do
Is look at you gladly

Eternal Moment...

Title: Portrait of a Lady, 1677
Artist: Nicholaes Maes

We are lovers and for the time
That one fleeting eternal moment we are
There is no overture conducted by the flesh
It is my eye which first notices
Your startling relevance
Unto each day
That I live
The new horizons
Of endless promise are
So limited by a spirit of being
Is it not the eye which relates best
to what is established within a heart
The sophistication warranted by philosophy
Creates a license to permit deception
If I could hold your heart
for one moment
What would you do with mine
for that moment

Humble wholeness of spirit...

Title: Jacob Wrestles with an Angel
Artist: Rembrandt van Rijn

Jesus came to walk and talk with people
Where else did He meet the sick with healing
How did the blind find Him to see and
Not even the dead could seek
Him out to live
But to all these and those who listen
He brought wholeness by not allowing
Him the freedom to be
Himself within
We burst as a shell to become
A fragmented wholeness
That of itself can not redeem this fragmentation
This fragmentation promotes survival
At the sacrifice of humility
Humility has for it`s perfect security
A perfect love
This perfect love has no need of a thing
But when a body separates itself
Insecurities threaten it
As being alone and isolated
From the wholeness of humility
Insecurity seeks justification
And to this darkness alienates reason
The fragment seeks to make up
For the wholeness that is missing
By heeding the spiritual suggestions of pride
To begin with
A coherent spiritual truth now starts to fall apart
This can only be exaggerated by man
Seeking an answer for it is totally out of his control
On every front just look at the way
In which he treats the world
And the media is exploiting untruth
As though it were truth it is a waste
To say more and we have not even started
To look at the Real Problem
Because Pride will not Realize it
As there Mankind now has an incurable
"Sickness Pride" this Pride is subject to
And a spiritual darkness
Vanity that is seeking to account for
That which the mind is not fashioned to know
And possess freedom at the same time
Vanity has infected the wholeness of thought
By upsetting it`s perfect balance ...
We are only human and created for a specific lifestyle
Whatever you choose to think
We seek to satisfy and justify our unbalanced
Thought pattern or illusive philosophy with words
Which due to our spiritual make up
We believe what we say
Thus our hearts just grow harder
Until the Truth is found
An object of ridicule
With my SOX on humbly
For humility does not own itself love does

madame du barry picture simon can edit this

Title: Madame Du Barry, 1770
Artist: Francois Hubert Drouais

You are now but an illustration
of man`s pathetic folly
Throughout an animated period
of unreasonable time

Sweet one I wish...

Title: Golya
Artist: Geza Farago

Money can be an instrument to justify

Sensual gratification and satisfy logic

Sweet one I wish

I am only as you ever want me to be
what comes from me I
seek not to own
other than by grace and inspiration

Experience crystallizes out
as the horizon of reality expands and yet,
Sweet one I wish ... is with more confidence
that you go forward
into expanding future of possibility

All because
God has secured our freedom
as a spiritual inheritance
by paying for it Himself

Sweet one I wish
a couple of passion upon a pallette

I have a palette that is now empty
Of worldly colour or interest
that I may seduce

Your virtue held for a time with passion ...
Sweet one I wish

in love
as a moth i have only the testimony
to confess an insanity
while held captive
in your light

may the lord crown your day with success
the adjective is precious in qualifying the noun
to be but to behold the precious as
is to know that you are you
through the precision of beauty

there is so little left for me to say about you
through the precision of beauty
there is so little left for me to say
about you
after all your work

thank you for finding time
to help this child
you have been such a wonderful and
precious almost
sacred stepping stone

toward the future
there is so much that still pours
out as wine for you
but i fear to bother you
so i let it fall to the floor

now the dissipation is over
may peace restore you
in everyway to bless the confidence
of your ministry in the lives of those in need
oh thank you for helping me

things are more uncertain
but you have fashioned a property within
personally stormy weather is for a sailor
isolated by insecurity

the experiences are ours to waste as we;
i , choose that is freedom
for you reality is there to hold
(as you have been for me)
when we; i , need it
that is love for you.

The spiritual need is always there
to be met this gives to the substance of my faith
and i am as you want to find me
love as a shadow that cares.


Title: Krishna and Radha Embracing in a Grove,
Kangra, Himachal Pradesh,
Pahari School, circa 1785

Today the sun is just pouring down as gold
Oh is it not so very wonderful how your inspiration
Frees me from loneliness
To stand on beauty
As an immaculate crystallization
Of such breath-taking clarity
but please suffer me as a child
Who thinks for you as a blessing of
Prayer upon your ministry.
Having god to focus upon keeps me human
But when there is a focal point left out my lines
Just become an academic exercise
And not me as a person oh how fantastic freedom is
for the health i have
The freedom to write all these words to you.
Today the sun is just pouring down as gold
You have the freedom
To throw them away
And i have the freedom not to mind
Because all i needed was the freedom
To release them For Today
the sun is just pouring down as gold
To begin with i am surfing upon
The crest of a wave of joy.
Yet joy gives me no right to think
Why for doing so thought only serves
As a broken glass
To brutally puncture my peace & freedom….
Thank you god for being
Another vital stepping stone for me
You are such an essential part of my progress,
Love is the subject of my inspiration,
For Today the sun is just pouring down as gold
If i have more words of you
Please suffer me again as a child
And ignore them
While my thoughts remain prayerfully
With your work to bless
And enlighten the reader
With fresh revelation
And gladden the heart
Today the sun is just pouring down as gold
That has read them for
Dear god, thank you
For keeping me together tonight
i will be as a shadow on a sunny day now
It is my tears that so much more
than i can ever capture with my pen
for it is a clumsy fool who spills his words
unceremoniously upon the floor and
then is held by silence to notice
the final effect of your redeeming work
Today the sun is just pouring down as gold
fear not i am not obsessed by you
it is just a very grateful heart that i own and
anyway inspiration is not mine to own
The man of faith wears modesty
to authorize living as a testimony
gone is the needless investment
from bank to home by horsepower
Today the sun is just pouring down as gold
faith accounts for sufficiency
but it is greed that sacrifices need
as an act of worship that is idolatry
love can not mock another`s need
by living with inequality
Were my love just a lump of unpurified gold
you would be the finest of gold dust
so fine as to be like oil the fluid grace
that inspires perfect movement
Today the sun is just pouring down as gold
Incalculable joy as it is my heart
which is now bursting with the tears
that my eyes can not hide the picture is now
taken of a world with in
such a touching freedom
for life to own while alone i am dry
as in a dead arid academic wilderness
with the cultural demand
to customise my lifestyle
now under the leadership of money
while being animated by legality
in order to legitimize corruption
as being justified by protecting
the security of democracy
Today the sun is just pouring down as gold

Love of a child

Title: Mother and Child, c.1905 (detail)
Artist: Gustav Klimt

How could I own the words to say things to you My despondency and sadness then you wipe away I hear your words brings comfort to my soul for I am always like a child and as a child I dearly love you and those friends I have

Hope is but the clothing
that is worn by personality
My inspiration comes even now as milk
taken from your words that kiss paper
For with Revelation there is nourishment
offered to the child as a taste of hope
then this 1 just food for thought

It was the Little Autumn fairy who came to sit upon my knee
When I told her about you
we became so very happy
With lots of silly things to say
and talk about all night
Ohh !
how we love you
.... as the stars that with wisdom twinkle

Miss you with
Care so take
Care so that
Care can always
Care for you
and in

Living Life In Simplicity

Title: On the Rocks
Artist: Roland Wheelwright

Apart from the Truth being Simply that our words have no Living Life in them


There is a blindness by choice to the Prophetic Gift that has already been specifically spoken and it is as a shadow passing over all without any Real Hope for the future

The Truth offers to each person a deliverance from the limitation of flesh and blood but for simplicity`s sake

Since: global warming the academic reasoning my mind goes like radio interference possession highlight spiritual insecurity

There are those who seek to be your friends that will only show a dark side of lines about touching... Yet, words that were written with the heart in mind nothing else, have been misunderstood.

Hope all is shining to bless your ministry as is a blessing to you no need to reply as the care is there Twinkle I have gone like the dancing starlight on a lake

Je ne sais quoi

Title: Salon des Cent
Artist: Alphonse Mucha

Precious sweet scent of the Honeysuckle it is that "je ne sais quoi" you wear that greets my heart with inspiration as the scent of the H/S touches my nose.

I am a little slow of understanding but is the "AURA" making my connection through you dear reader?

To my Friends:

Thank you for those words you gave for me to collect as silver dust sprinkled so carefully by the fairies upon the morning grass ...

But now I must go again and sit under that ugly heavy stone in darkness until with care 2 love 4 eva SOX.

Kiss Your Day

Title: Spring Flowers
Artist: William Merritt Chase

And the sun gets up

To kiss the day for you
To wear personally

What have we done
To deserve the gift of friendship

It is from the wholeness
Of His Grace to us
Life is personal

And yet to be lived
With in a close walk

I will leave you now
On the table in my heart
Time as tears
Rolls by within

To please God

Title: Spring
Artist: Will Barnet

That which rolls by
Silence may prosecute

But it can not threaten
For Life.

Reality is so very tangible
With Life

Reality is to enjoy too
In Love

Reality is for you and me
To Live

Reality is essential but
Is to taste

Reality enough
Without faith it is impossible

To please God


Title: Coffee 1959

Artist: Richard Diebenkorn

I know that ur treasure

A precision of beauty

My habits are so refined

by those few moments that

I spent alone with you

Don`t be too Serious


Have hope
not despair

Be Real !

Live with Hope
hope is spirit

Through the precision of beauty
There is so little left for me to say
about you .

You are as a treasure
that my heart seeks.


Title: Mater Dolorosa
Artist: El Greco

The virtue of and in innocence is sacrificed to vanity through knowledge
The sophistication warranted by philosophy
Creates a license to permit deception .
The new horizons of endless promise are so limited by a spirit of being.

Flesh overture

Title: Annunciation, 1859
Artist: Charlotte E. Babb

We are lovers and for that

One fleeting eternal moment we were

Without conducting an overture to the flesh

If I could hold the world

In the palm of my hand.

I would see you walking

Across the sand while the waves

Were kissing your feet

Colourless stone

Title: La Promesse
Artist: Rene Magritte

There is a love
as Real
as colourless stone
And when initialled by you
this can only hang
So gladly around my neck
and upon my heart
I love you as a breaking wave

That explains an utter sensitivity
For every aspect of the sand.

But Ah-ha that is not the first time
for want of words to me

Coincidence = God.

Incidents throws a whole new light on Freedom
.. is not as we suppose we would like to think

No don`t think darkness always coloured socks letters close

simon = s
a hug = o
a kiss = x
my sox appeal

The bright allusive butterfly
Fascination of the heart
Desire of the artist to capture
On paper the poetic
freedom held by words
As casually the wind touches realization
For the hand to write
as inspiration
Nothing is wasted
No more is written
Now you render Time
As if too long to wait
But it is for the freedom
To know you that I must wait

With delight
The stars how they sparkle
Like children to watch
Over you I
f there were no stars in the sky
I would miss you

The Tactile offers as cement
A unity to Body and Soul
As the Spirit will permit

My gift... from the water bearer...

Title: Aquarius I
Artist: Maurice Evans

The Water Bearer

Running to the hills

Forever dreaming

Of your favour

Jumping into the sky

Always grasping

Clouds for security

Loveliness as a shadow

Follows you around


How can I say about the gifts

I bring an offering to charm

As you have the beauty that is

Not defined by persuasion

... Dedicated to Xsapph...

"Love has no Reality, without any Sacrifice..."

With fascination and the peace
which commands authority
as a knife that goes
so cleanly through butter
to use the phrase.

good luck would insult your work
because it will just go
like a knife through butter.
Reality is believing
what you are and have done
is real
and sapph
you are so dynamically vital,
a note to wish you
every blessing upon your work
and for the grace for it
to enlighten and edify it’s reader

I wait for the hand to hold
...Of a heart that is
With mine to own.

Please don`t find in my words,
Anymore than you need,
At the moment you read.

The Spirit takes order from chaos.

Please I am only as you want
For freedom love has me,
To be whatever you need.

You possess a spontaneity with inspiration,
That has everything to qualify.

Joy to be as hope
I collect your inspiration.

As a flower the morning dew.
The greatest gift I have
To give you are my tears.
As a summary to beauty
They are faultless.

To own... You are not mine

Until I am your need.

It is not your attention that I seek,
but your blessing to see that I do applaud.

It is not a desire that I have,
but for you an inspiration

.... that I do write...

But gone as that ray of light that danced on the brook.

Are you doing to much to collect
The broken threads of others...
.... and then will you one day find,
that you have escaped from
Your own treasured destiny?

.... a thought maybe sown as
A seed to germinate in peace,

Even as I leave you as the care of love.

And it is now that I see you
Through the tears my eyes can not hold
I know a joy like as to a fountain
Springing up from within my heart.

So much has flowed in your direction
That I keep it hidden purely
Because it flows
Like water from a tap....
Releases from within
Tears of joy
As passionately
As a thunder storm
Sends drops of rain
To seek out and reward the dry soil
For it`s patient wait
It is as a child
I look up to you and
Yearn for your approval
Yeah even to hope....

Applause can bring....
Of shine due to the investment

As the sun`s brilliance
Upon gold can disappear
In a twinkle
Your wish is my command ...

... dedicated to my Friend Sapphire....

I am... but...

Title: Dance of Cranes
Artist: Haruyo Morita

I am but a humble guy with no worldly assets as of yet to offer;

For any period the means to seduce your interest,
I have a gift with words and it is my interest that you define.
For it is those words from you I collect by hand on paper to lay.

It is from you that I would collect Inspiration
As from a flower gently - the morning dew
And yet as the moth does, reach out for the moon.

I want you but I am only human
And all that is in the human
Will in the end only disappoint.

To be as sensitive I am living
And alive more than most and
Yet twinkling is the wisdom of a star captured at night

By water on reflection is as a fairy tale castle
I own words as you give them to me and from them I find
Tears as the fruit of a Beauty that has set me free

Ah, Oh, Hum

Title: Banjo Lesson
Artist: Henry Ossawa Tanner

As usual up early I looked at my clock it said 3:21.

....Ah thank you Lord anyway as usual I look thru the Universe,
for faces to inspire
... and there is one who quite often gives words to me
.... and here is one of this morn I hope

(hope is a concrete reality for my words to you.
As Faith I could not exist as me without it)

to continue cough cough for the drama of the fun to the occasion.

.... Oh I nearly forgot what I was going to say,
but no you are the focal point of my attention as a camera (digital realization oh that sounds fun) continue 2 B THATS THE WAY 2 B

a BLESSING 2 others

Az U R a Blessing 2 me.

... Hum, I can hear an old piano with Bob Dylan pounding out a particular track from an early album:

"sweepin across the broad highway"

... Dilly... you tease....

Title: The Milkmaid, c.1656
Artist: Jan Vermeer

It is not your brazen confidence
that teases my man-hood

Neither is it your daring and excitement
which disturb my conservative nature

But with the boldness that has no inhibition
you have an unquestionable authority

That plays with male desire for entertainment
to amuse and satisfy your soul`s demand

It is but the woman in you that I applaud
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