Thursday, July 27, 2006

Myself and a gift to writers and artists...

I was not born to survive under law

To all writers and artists: ….
may your heart be anointed with joy
to bestow graciousness upon all
who have contact with you
through you as a person
or from the fruit (work) of your hand (writing)
may the fruit of your mind be used to enrich
and enlighten the understanding of others
to enjoy a time of greater celebration
of the truth as a person -
to breathe life as fresh air
and may the blessing of God Almighty
become your security.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

what is the definition of democratic freedom

With the cultural demand

to customise my lifestyle now Now

Under the leadership of money

while being animated by legality In order

To legitimize corruption as being justified

by protecting it`s security in a democracy

Sunday, July 09, 2006

The lover of friendships

The sun and the sea are the lovers

of friendship

South of France, taken by Laurent Diet, Paris, France


The Atheist lives now in a world of his own
choosing the gift of freedom as a license for
A personal choice to be as his heart wants
to hold dear to his own perception & style

But the Realist owns the freedom to appreciate
that the heart`s desire is a liberty yet unrealized
Through a believing faith this personal choice may
inherit the right to possess all that is

I have an Ideal Vision
while I am the subject
of a sinful world
without any hope and yet
I am a Realist to see a saving
Grace does exist only one way a
Personal Deliverance


An atheist exists in a Relatively small world
While the agnostic Realizes nothing

An unbeliever stands as Naked without any hope

Friday, July 07, 2006

Temporal Clothing

Photo called: Tee Time

Temporal Clothing...

We live in a spiritual reality of temporal clothing materially housed for a season

As flesh and blood we dare to define our assumed understanding with words that will only satisfy for a season the demands of the mind

These momentary explanations that we exercise are bound by the decay that is a limitation of and to the fruit of moral decay

The natural mind lives as a subject of allusion and to justify an illusion the mind fashions the indisputable as an abstract measurement to become the substance to correlate a need for reason to explain the unknown

This permission a mind finds to grant an understanding to account for a desired find walks into darkness for it has no authority to redeem the fiction it is supposed to understand... Simplicity

She-bar by Romare Bearden A B C


She-bar by Romare Bearden

At Breakfast

Title: At Breakfast
Artist: Lauritz Ring

May I sit and have this cup of tea . .
with you then hold you
with my eyes



...Care as spiritual oxygen
And for those words
I have not yet found
I will look no more
For a candle suffocates
Without oxygen the light then goes out
Of all those words left to celebrate
...there are...
None validated for they would only be there
To boast and justify only a personal dream
I find it is in giving that there is recognition
But care wasted as with oxygen becomes
Exhausted of the potential to heal wholeness
Inspiration burning as an unknown fruit within
To create an understanding for the subject &
An object is realised by passion (as fire by oxygen)

As a spark disappears into the night...

Man Ray: Tears

You are not with me If I choose Said the blind-man ....The flower offers beauty to the eye as sight and to the nose a gift of scent to satisfy
But neither are covered by protection
Life has
Light of a cutting intensity as with a Laser Love is a
Creative Fuel when burning here & now for Inspiration
But when there is no giving protection as an ember dies
and so too the flower it falls
As a child I cry for a need
I have Oh words are said as rain that falls then
a childishness becomes my security
when the need is not met so quietly is love in living
so sincerely is love in giving so faithfully is love
in being so freely is love
offered when unwanted
as a spark that disappears into the night sky
It is the intimacy we have
Through the mouthpiece
Which I enjoy with you
Speaking so personally
I am what I say but words
Do not own me intimately
When there is nothing within
A heart that has no energy
And life only hurts
Just wait

Love hug

A relationship ....

A Relationship is that field of security Always burning in the background
Is the Responsibility to warm the heart
Yeah even to warn the heart of coldness pleasures held now
I hold my pleasures now no longer to be as in the past "a sensual gratification"
But satisfaction is here to taste and is to see
The spiritual security of another "blooming"

Humility owns more about love because it does not own itself

Sorry if the fonts out but I like to present words to be as wet fish
That hits you in the face for an impact value
This was not planned this way it just happened by mistake

If my heart could live more secretly I would not be such a fool In the world
If my heart could live more secretly I would not be such a fool In the world
Breathing has no inhibition about my health
So why should the life I live
About the love I give
If my heart could live more secretly
I would not be such a fool
Can I touch you where you will not forget Just come hold me
I am as real as you want me to be..

... If I blew you up with kisses and love would you mind
COZ if I could it would have been done by now
(dont please read anything sloppy into that)

az eva my SOX R still on

Lips (Heure de l'Observatoire)

Lips (Heure de l'Observatoire)

Lips bear the fruit of love
to taste the offering of sincerity



an "upper-class" is an allusion of culture fuelled by the illusion of an inheritance

I am passionate about Living but not about an existence
For Living is by Faith
while existence is by animation
Passion enjoys a daring liberty to live spontaneously
while animation survives through the premeditated deed
It is as a spoilt child that one exist`s without God
And it is without the need of a saviour
that one exist`s as an unreasonable person

Top of the world

acrobats on empire state building...

….written after very little sleep and though it grasps what I hold by revelation it has pieces missed out as I was thinking i had already put it down when i had not ...

It is when man suggests many ways that the path becomes too broad.

Reality becomes fragmented in short life becomes cheapened for man makes a god of himself.

Yet when the mind is incapable of grasping freedom while it is controlled by self.

Self is as a focal point through which perception must pass once self is sacrifice the heart passes from a sole soul being to become a
Living part of a holy Spirit.

Freedom allows a person to use the words
For a definition of the reason sought to entertain
But it is vanity that satisfies a person`s logic
To be as a king
Freedom allows one to use the words for the definition of a reason
you want others to enjoy a similar vanity satisfied by logic

*Jesus came to walk and talk with people
Where else did
He meet the sick with healing
How did the blind find
Him to see and
Not even the dead could seek
Him out to live
But to all these and those who listen
He brought wholeness

*by not allowing Him the freedom to be Himself
within we burst as a shell to become a fragmented wholeness that of itself can not redeem this fragmentation this fragmentation promotes survival at the sacrifice of humility
Humility has for it`s perfect security a perfect love
This perfect love has no need of a thing but when a body separates itself insecurities threaten it as being alone and isolated from the wholeness of humility
Insecurity seeks justification and to this darkness alienates reason the fragment seeks to make up for the wholeness that is missing by heeding the spiritual suggestions of pride
to begin with
A coherent spiritual truth now starts to fall apart this can only be exaggerated by man seeking an answer for it is totally out of his control on every front
just look at the way in which he treats the world and the media is exploiting untruth

as though it were truth it is a waste to say more and we have not even started to look at the Real Problem because

Pride will not Realize it as there

Mankind now has an incurable "sickness Pride" this
Pride is subject to/of a spiritual darkness.

Vanity that is seeking to account for.
_ that which the mind is not fashioned to know and possess freedom at the same time _
Vanity has infected the wholeness of thought by upsetting it`s perfect balance ...
_we are only human and created for a specific lifestyle whatever you choose to think
_ we seek to satisfy and justify our unbalanced thought pattern or illusive philosophy with words.
Which due to our spiritual make up we believe what we say
Thus our hearts just grow harder until.
the Truth is found an object of ridicule
with my SOX on humbly for
humility does not own itself love does .
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